Please find the full breakdown of our fines / administrative charges below (before GST):


Administrative Charge

Late return

S$10 onwards (depending on category) deducted for every 15 minutes (or part thereof)

Failure to secure vehicle upon End TripS$10 onwards (1 block of the Late Fee charged on the booking)

Unpaid parking/traffic/vehicular offences

S$10 (w.e.f 1 Jan 2017)

Account termination request 

(before utilising the service)

S$5 (w.e.f 1 Jan 2017)

Abuse / Misuse / Tampering of Tribecar systems / Unauthorised usage of vehicles

S$200 onwards and/or necessary legal action

Subletting / sharing of account / Unauthorized sharing of vehicle

S$500 and the immediate forfeiture of the Security Deposit & termination of the registered account.

Amount may be higher depending on the severity of the situation.

Breach of road safety rules 

(e.g. speeding, defeating seat belt safety system, driving without appropriate traffic/vocational license)

$100 onwards

Failure to obey instructions by Tribecar

S$100 onwards

(including forfeiture of current and future bookings with no reimbursements)

Unauthorised Malaysia Entry

Suspension of membership

S$400 to reinstate membership

Missing vehicle key


Amount may be higher depending on the cost of key replacement.

Vehicle key recovery


Missing Tribecar security dongle 

(attached to vehicle key)


Removal of Tribecar sticker without approval

$200 per sticker per incident

Removal/Tampering with Private Hire (LTA) decal/sticker

S$200 and police report lodged against you

Removal of SD Card/Memory Card from in-car Camera

S$100 and revocation of insurance coverage

Removal of USB Car Charger


Did not return vehicle to designated location


Did not switch off headlight / interior light / engine / close window(s) / close door(s) upon returning vehicle


Returned vehicle with unsatisfactory interior condition

(e.g. soiled / smell of durian/urine, pet fur, food crumbs, sand/mud, used masks etc)


Amount may be higher depending on deep cleaning charges.

Returned vehicle with scratches / dents / other damages

Generally, it may cost between $100 - $500 per panel (excl. downtime) reported against and found under your booking.

Actual repair cost depends on the severity of the damage and can only be advised after assessment.

Littering in vehicle

First offence – Warning will be issued

Subsequent offences – $20 for each case

Smoking in vehicle

First offense – Warning will be issued

Second offense - Final warning will be issued 

Third offense onwards* - up to $200 for any reported case

*regardless of whether driver/passenger are smokers

Roadside assistance

S$50 (office hours) $100 (out of office hours)

Wrong type of fuel pumped into the vehicle


Amount may be higher depending on the cost of repair.

Failure to refuel when fuel is less than ¼ tank (First Offense, for Car Club Select/Prime (Fuel-Included) category)


Failure to refuel when fuel is less than ¼ tank (Second Offense onwards for Car Club Select/Prime (Fuel-Included) category)


Lost or damaged fleet card (Reported during booking)


Lost or damaged fleet card (Did not report)


Misuse of fleet card (i.e. use of fleet card for refuel when no booking was made, use of fleet card towards an unauthorised vehicle)