For instructions on how to open and close the BMW Z4’s convertible roof, please refer to this video on our Facebook page -


  • The opening and closing of sunroof operation is complete once the red LED in the button is no longer lit. If the red LED button flashes, the operation is not completed.
  • It is advisable to close the convertible top when the vehicle is parked to protect the passenger compartment.
  • Driving while the convertible top is not completely closed or open can cause vehicle and personal damage.
  • For safety reasons, only open or close the sunroof when vehicle is stationary.

Do take note that Tribecar Users are required to check the operability of the convertible roof before leaving the designated car park. This is to avoid disputes for damages to the convertible roof during your booking.

Tribecar Users are advised to operate the convertible roof in accordance to the guide and the manufacturer's guidelines. Damage cuased by improper handling and use shall be billable to the User.