BYD e6: 

Car Club Select EV (Mileage-Based) category 

*free charging, you will be charged based on mileage


Steps to charge using Charge+:

1. Park and turn off the vehicle.

2. Press the unlock button at the driver side window as indicated on the right.

3. Locate the charging port door on the right side of the vehicle. Press down firmly on the charging port door to open it and insert the Charge+ charger firmly.

4. Open the Charge+ app in your mobile device and log in using the account details provided within your Booking Confirmation email.

5. Click on the “Charge” button at the bottom of the app. Take note that you will need to close the pop-up notification (if any).

6. Scan the QR code of the charger you are using.

7. Choose the payment plan as “Paid by Corporate (Tribecar Corporate)”. Click on “Start Charging”.

8. End charging session by selecting “Stop Charging” in your app.

9. Remove charging connector from EV and return to holster/coil the charging cable around the cable hook.

10. For good EV charging etiquette, we encourage EV drivers to move their EV away once charging is completed, so that the next EV driver can charge.