Reminder: Kindly return the rental vehicle back at its designated parking location. If the location has more than one designated parking lots, any one of them will do. You may refer to your Booking Confirmation email or the Booking details webpage for more information on the location.

1. Launch our website via your web browser app (eg. Google Chrome) and tap End Trip on your account page.

2. Key in the vehicle's current mileage (as displayed on the vehicle dashboard) and the vehicle parked location (if you had returned the vehicle outside of its designated parking area).

3. Take photo of the fuel level before switching off the engine for the final time and inspect the vehicle for damages.

4. Please ensure the headlights and interior lights are switched off. Remember to return the car keys back in the vehicle's glove compartment before exiting the vehicle. Tap on End Trip to lock the car.

5. After successfully ending trip, you may upload the photos of 4 sides of the vehicle and submit your feedback to us at the end checklist.

Do note that the reservation is only ended until you have successfully locked the doors and the page displays "Your reservation has ended. Thank you for using Tribecar".

If you receive an error message, please try to "End Trip" 2 more times. Otherwise, write in immediately with the issue and your booking reference number. You may leave the car.

Please arrive at the designated lot at least 10 minutes before your End Time so you can have enough time to tidy the car up for the next user and return the key to the glove compartment.