If you have the following reminder when you first log in:

"Please contact our Customer Service Officer at support@tribecar.com regarding an unresolved issue. The officers are available during Mon to Fri 10am to 6pm (excluding PH)"

Kindly check your email inbox (or spam/junk folder) for a Document Reminder email sent by us (support@tribecar.com). After which, do refer to the following:

1) If you are able to log in but am unable to make a booking, you may be required to upload the following:

  • Proof of Residence (POR); Your name, address and a statement date dated within the last 3 months (from the date of registration)(refer to sample below) must be visible on your POR. Acceptable documents as Proof of Residence can be the following:
    • Electronic Bills or Bank Statement
    • Physical Bills or Bank Statement
    • Letters from government bodies
    • Letters from regulated insurance companies
    • Official letters from educational institutions
  • The back copy of your NRIC is not a valid POR
  • Front copy of your NRIC; It should be a colored copy with all details visible
  • Click here to submit the requested document(s) and you may expect a response from us within 1 - 3 working days

2) If you are able to log in and make a booking but there is no Start Trip button, you are required to upload the following:

  • Selfie; Simply take another selfie with the car plate visible before you start trip for your next booking (the selfie should be with your mask off and with the Tribecar carplate visible in the photo)(refer to sample below) and submit the photo here.
  • After which, do give us a call via the Need Help button available on your Today's Booking page for assistance!