Hirers are to charge the EV during the booking and return the vehicle above 50% state of charge (SoC).

Please cater time for travelling to the charging station and also charging time of around 30 mins for charging from 30 – 70% and note that charging rate decreases automatically as the battery passes high SoC (above 80%).

Fine & Compensation (before GST):

- SoC Charge: 0% - 25% | Penalty: $55 | Compensation $45 or Replacement Vehicle

- SoC Charge: 26% - 45% | Penalty: $45 | Compensation: $35

- SoC Charge: 46% - 50% | Penalty: $25 | Compensation: 1 Hour Waiver

Note: If the hirer returns the EV with a SoC that is less than 15%, the hirer may be charged a 2-way towing fee to the charging station at $60 (before GST) per way and an additional $18 (before GST) for time charge.

Compensation procedure:

To prove that the previous hirer returned the EV at or below 50% SoC, please:

1. take a photo of the vehicle's dashboard upon starting the ignition which shows the SoC is below 51%

2. report the issue (by clicking on Issue Report on your Account page) within 15 minutes of your Start Trip time


After investigations, should we confirm that the previous hirer indeed did not return the EV with at least 51% SoC, we will write to you to provide the above compensation.