When you arrive at your booked vehicle, please go through the exterior of the vehicle and check against the dents, scratches or other damages. You may also refer to the checklist located in the compartment.

Please report any new damages found immediately through the website (via the Need Help > Issue Report button on your Account page).

Alternatively, you can drop us an email at support@tribecar.com with the photos of the damage found. If no damage was reported by you but the next user of the vehicle finds any damage upon inspecting the vehicle, you may be held responsible.

All Tribecar members are responsible for:

  • Tyre: Regardless of the cause of the flat or puncture, any Tribecar member who drives with a flat tyre will be responsible for any resulting damage to the wheel or vehicle.
  • Underbody: Any dents and deformations.
  • Any damages caused during the rental.