Here are some useful tips for you before entering Malaysia:

  • Ensure that your booking is a minimum of 12-hours
  • Ensure that your booking contains the 30% Malaysia Entry surcharge (this will not be available if the booking is less than 12-hours)
  • Remember to bring along your passport and Touch n Go card!
  • Refuel to a minimum of 3/4 tank (
  • Optional: write in to to request for a copy of the vehicle's Logcard and Certificate of Insurance (COI) at least 2 working days before your trip
  • Note: VEP has already been registered for our vehicles that are eligible for Malaysia Entry

We take good care of our vehicles with regular servicing & maintenance. However, vehicles are mechanical creatures and may break down at any time. Therefore, please perform these necessary mandatory checks by yourself before commencing on the trip.

1. Engine oil (Reimbursable if you need to top-up)

2. Water

3. Tyre

Not many rental services are available to allow drives in Malaysia, but we will continue to expand our fleet to allow more of our vehicles to do so. Please, please be safe and know we care for you all very much!