You may have to top-up fuel for your trip. Kindly note that there are different fuel polices for different vehicle categories (refer to the list below); Please refer to your Booking Confirmation sent to you via email as it contains the full fuel policy details for your car.

We encourage you to practice the habit of taking before (upon first ignition) and after (upon final ignition) pictures of the fuel meter during your booking for record purposes.

Additional attention to these vehicles required:

- Toyota DYNA

- Toyota Prius C

- Toyota Vios

- Mitsubishi Attrage 

Please note that these are some of the vehicles with the dashboard showing a blinking fuel bar when it is on reserve fuel. 

Before you end your trip, please take a 

- video showing that the last fuel bar is not blinking and/or

- photo showing at least 2 fuel bars available


Tribecar: You may return the vehicle at any fuel level (at your own cost) as long as the reserved fuel indicator does not light up.

Tribecar categories include:

  • Super Economy
  • Economy Sedan
  • Economy MPV
  • Economy Van
  • Standard Sedan
  • Standard MPV
  • Standard Van

Car Club By Tribecar: Please ensure there is more than ¼ tank when you return the vehicle. If the fuel level drops below ¼ during your booking, you are required to refuel to full tank using the fleet card provided.

Car Club by Tribecar categories include:

  • Car Club Select MPV
  • Car Club Select Sedan
  • Car Club Select SUV
  • Car Club Prime

For more information regarding Car Club vehicles, please click here.