You will have to top up fuel for your drive and return fuel at any level so long as the fuel light does not comes up. If the next hirer report that the fuel light comes up; we will deduct $20 (first offense) to $50 (second offense onwards) from your account. Please practice the habit of taking before (upon first ignition) and after (upon final ignition) pictures of the fuel meter for record purposes (to report the issue  within 15 minutes of reservation) in the occasion that the previous Tribecar member does not refuel the car after their booking. 

IMPORTANT: All Toyota Prius (Gen 4) must be filled up to FULL TANK (Petrol RON 95 or better) immediately prior to the conclusion of the Rental Period.

If you return the car with less than Full Tank, you will be levied the relevant Fuel Top-up Charge (See T&Cs, typically SGD20) per 1/8th of the tank or part thereof. The subsequent hirer will be reimbursed 50% of the fuel fees successfully collected.

For vehicles under the (Fuel Included) Standard SUV category, if the fuel drops below ΒΌ level, you are required to refuel the vehicle to a full tank. The provided fleet cards should be used to refuel your vehicle at the respective petrol kiosks (Shell fleet card to be used at Shell kiosks | Esso fleet card to be used at Esso kiosks).