There is a mileage charge of (before GST):

  • $0.39/km for vehicles under Car Club Choice category
  • $0.39/km for vehicles under Car Club Select category
  • $0.49/km for vehicles under Car Club Prime category

This mileage charge will be deducted from your e-wallet after you have ended your trip. Please ensure you have sufficient e-wallet credits to cover your mileage. Otherwise, the "negative e-wallet balance policy" will take place.

  • Example: Hirer X books a vehicle under Car Club Select category and had travelled for 5 km. Mileage charge is $0.38/km (before GST). Therefore, Hirer X will be charged $1.90 (before GST) via his e-wallet after the trip ends.

Tribecar will verify the mileage consumed during your trip. Please make sure the mileage shown on the booking page tallies with the odometer reading upon the start of your trip. Take a photo of the odometer and contact our customer support if it is different. When ending your trip, it is recommended to take a picture of the odometer as proof if a dispute arises.