Vehicles with Start/Stop button
For e-Start vehicles (aka Keyless Start) (auto transmission), ensure to set the gear into P (Park), depress the brake pedal AND press the Start/Stop button simultaneously after the green indicator light appears. Let the engine idle for about 10 seconds after it starts.

(With a manual transmission, shift into neutral and then depress the clutch pedal.)

If the remote battery is weak, put the vehicle remote on top of the Start/Stop button before pressing the Start/Stop button AND depressing the brake pedal simultaneously to start the vehicle. If the vehicle is started, you will see READY on the dashboard (despite the vehicle being silent as it is a hybrid). This means the vehicle is READY to move off.

Opel Vehicles

Should you experience low key battery/key detection issues, you may use this video as a guide.

Opel Mokka & Opel Astra: time 3:15

Opel Zafira: time 3:25

Opel Combo, Corsa, Crossland: time 3:50

Opel Insignia: time 4:15

You may also use this article as reference.

Locked Steering Wheel

A steering wheel lock is an anti-theft feature designed by the vehicle manufacturers. This might be what you experience if you are unable to insert/turn the key in the ignition or turn the steering wheel.

To resolve locked steering wheel, you are required to ensure that the gear is at P (Park) first before stepping on the brake and jiggle the steering wheel left to right and at the same time turn the key clockwise (to start the engine).

To turn off the engine

Shift the automatic transmission back into P or shift your manual transmission engine into neutral. Then, press the push-button start to turn off the engine.

Still unable to start vehicle

If you have tried to start the vehicle multiple times but are unable to do so, please press on the Need Help button on your Account page to reach our Emergency Hotline for assistance.