For vehicles with Foot Parking Brake, e.g. Toyota Wish, you should see 3 pedals below the dashboard and be sure that the extreme left pedal has been released before moving off.

For e-Start vehicles (aka Keyless Start), ensure to set the gear into P (Park), depress the brake pedal AND press the Start/Stop button simultaneously to start the vehicle. If the remote battery is weak, put the vehicle ar remote on top of the Start/Stop button before pressing the Start/Stop button AND depressing the brake pedal simultaneously to start the vehicle.

For the use of the use of the 10 foot lorry/commercial vehicle, as per HDB parking rules, you must not drive the lorry with cargo into the Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) as the maximum allowed laden weight is 2,000 KG. The lorry itself weighs close to that limit.